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Intro Video

Cyp is the first intelligent home security and stereo system. The Cyp Box is ready to sense distress in cases of home invasions and calls for help. Voice command will trigger an alarm to call the authorities. For individuals who live alone, Cyp will check in frequently to make sure he or she is okay and alert friends/family if the individual does not respond.


Cyp Prototype B, The Warrior Series with detachable speakers. Also comes in Red, White, and Pink.


At CYPROMUS, we believe that the Residential Security market needs a major disruption. Technology has improved many aspects of our everyday lives yet the Residential Security systems that are available today have been around for decades. Many of them still run on old telephone lines. Many companies, large and small, have attempted and are still trying to change the game but they’re really just a slight facelift of the same underlying products. At the same time, the tech revolution has created a huge divide between those in the tech industry and those simply consuming it. Using technology to improve the Residential Security market must also change the relationship of the consumer to the tech so that we’re all empowered to contribute to the entities that are most intimate with our homes.

The Cyp Box tackles both problems, creating a new Residential Security paradigm and getting the consumer to engage in the tech economy, by offering a platform that is open and customizable to each individual and family’s needs. As a ready-to-run security system, the Cyp Box can use its microphones to listen for your distress calls and call for help. As a DIY robot and computing platform, Cyp’s features can be enhanced at any time and by anyone. In fact, the Cyp virtual bodyguard software will interact with you to understand your security needs and provide the appropriate level of protection for you and your family.

Besides offering assistance when you need it, the Cyp Box can use its full range stereo speakers to play music and other content. Interaction with the Cyp virtual bodyguard on a regular basis is the best way to ensure that if you ever need to use it in a time of emergency, you know how to activate it. Over time, the Cyp Virtual Bodyguard will gain more and more capabilities, as we’d expect any tech to do. Because the Cyp Box is modular, you can upgrade parts of it. That saves your wallet and our natural resources.



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